05 November 2010

Heather & Dana

Heather & Dana were such a joy to shoot. You can tell how relaxed the whole day was. Things ran so smoothly. There's something about working with pregnant photographers that they are just so calm and collected. I love it. Dana and his guys were so easy going. Those guys have a lot of love for Dana and you can tell they were all super close. At the house with the girls was a very nice start to the day. Heather's girls were there for anything she needed. The emotions were high that day and I loved it. Dana was so overcome with love and care for his bride, he couldn't hold back his tears of joy. I especially loved this because it reminded me of the same way I felt as I too couldn't hold back my tears of joy for my bride on our wedding day. The ceremony was short and sweet. Their pastor was so real and held nothing back. A truly wise man he is. The reception was held at Dana's parents home just a few blocks from the park. A beautiful home over-looking the back bay in Newport Beach, CA. To top off the night...IN-N-OUT TRUCK!!! And a fry station! Geniuses these people. Almost everything was DIY by Heather. She did an amazing job and I'm thinking she should be a wedding designer. The dance floor was hoppin' with limbo & love. All in all it was a great day. Congratulations to you Heather & Dana. Also, a special thank you to Adam Pasion for writing this beautiful music for the movie. To check out more of his work or to purchase his music go here.


Great working with:
Photographer: Jill Thomas

"And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins.”
- I Peter 4:8

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